Natalia Klenina

Hello, dear readers! Today we’re going to talk about Natalia Klenina, a famous Ukrainian actress born on September 3, 1959 in Chelyabinsk, Russia. She is 1.60 cm tall. She is a recognized star of Ukrainian theater and cinema, as well as the wife of People’s Artist of Ukraine Stanislav Boklan. I invite you to learn more about her life, career and achievements.

Childhood and family

Natalia Klenina was born and raised in Chelyabinsk, Russia. She moved to Ukraine where she met her future husband, Stanislav Boklan. They have a daughter together, Maria Boklan, who also works in the film industry. Natalia also has a son from her first marriage, Kirill Dumsky, a professional DJ.


Natalia received her acting education at the Chelyabinsk Music School, where she graduated in 1979. After graduation, she worked at the Zwelling Academic Drama Theater in Chelyabinsk.


Наталія Кленіна

After moving to Mariupol, Natalia worked at the Donetsk Regional Russian Drama Theater, where she spent 14 years. It was here that she met her future husband, Stanislav Boklan. Now she continues to work at the Kyiv Academic Young Theater. Natalia is known for her roles in such productions as Uncle Vanya, How People Come Out, An Ordinary Story, Man and Eternity, and others.


Natalia Klenina is an acclaimed actress who has gained recognition and love from audiences for her work in theater. She is known for her emotional and convincing performances, which have helped her become one of the most famous actresses in Ukraine.

Наталія Кленіна


Kyiv Academic Young Theater:

  • Turusina – “How People Come Out” by O. Ostrovsky (dir. I. Matyeyev);
  • The Rosary, Grace – La bestia e la virtu (The Beast and the Virtue), by L. Pirandello (dir. T. Kryvoruchenko);
  • Lyudmyla and her daughter – “Athenian Evenings” by P. Hladylin (dir. I. Slavinsky);
  • Eternity – “Man and Eternity” by O. Kureichyk (dir. T. Kryvoruchenko);
  • The favorite is Capricious Love of Drozdoborod by B. Stelmakh based on the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm (dir. Yu. Maslak);
  • Madame Georges – The Dove, by J. Anouilh (dir. A. Bakirov);
  • The Hostess – “An Ordinary Story” by M. Lado (dir. T. Krivoruchenko);
  • Melashka – The Maid, by I. Karpenko-Kary (dir. L. Semyrozumenko);
  • Marina – “Uncle Vanya” by A. Chekhov (dir. S. Moiseev);
  • Rusalochka (The Mermaid), by L. Razumovska (dir. by E. Kurman);
  • Katherine – Woyzeck, by H. Büchner (dir. D. Lazorko);
  • Feska – “Steel Will” by M. Kurochkin (dir. D. Bogomazov);
  • Mama – Romeo and Juliet, by W. Shakespeare (directed by I. Tikhomirov);
  • Vera – White Comedy, A. Mardan (dir. A. Dzekun);
  • Actress – “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” by W. Shakespeare (directed by S. Moiseev);
  • Movie star, franchise – “Chasing Two Hares,” M. Starytsky (dir. V. Shulakov);
  • Arina – “Marriage” by N. Gogol (dir. T. Krivoruchenko);
  • Frog – The Golden Chicken, by V. Orlov (dir. V. Shulakov);
  • The Herald – The King and the Carrot, by V. Ksheminsky (dir. Y. Kozlov);
  • Alla – “Zoya’s Apartment” by Mikhail Bulgakov (dir. A. Dzekun);
  • Sorokina – “New Year’s Detective” by V. Myutnikov (dir. O. Svetlyakov);
  • Woman – “I, Feuerbach” by T. Dorst (dir. T. Kryvoruchenko);
  • Mom – “The Life of the Simple” by M. Vorozhbit (dir. Y. Sydorenko);
  • A Parisian – The Kid, by J. Letraz (dir. V. Begma);
  • Dog – “Vivat, Carnival!” by O. Vratarev (dir. Y. Sydorenko);
  • Agent – The Wizard of the Emerald City, F. Baum, A. Volkov (dir. G. Vorotchenko);
  • Kat – Crazy Singer, V. Tarasov (dir. I. Tikhomirov);
  • Makarska – “Eldest Son” by A. Vampilov (dir. by E. Kurman);
  • The Locksmith – “RehuviliyZor” by N. Gogol, N. Kulish, staged by S. Moiseev (directed by S. Moiseev);
  • Marishka – This One, That One, and the Others, by I. Yerken (dir. B. Mero).


Natalia Klenina is a woman who successfully combines work, family and creativity. She is an example for everyone who dreams of a career in theater. Her life and career show that with talent, hard work and self-belief, you can achieve great things.

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