Денис Повєткін

Denis Povetkin

Hello, dear readers! Today’s article is dedicated to the famous Ukrainian blogger Denis Povetkin. He was born on March 7, 2003, in the city of Kharkiv. He is known for his blogging activities, and his most famous projects are his videos on social media, which have caused a wide response. I invite you to learn more about this interesting personality.

Childhood and family:

Denchik “Baldy” is from Kharkiv, where he spent most of his life. Unfortunately, information about his family is not disclosed in open sources. He has been in a relationship with Rita Borzikova for over 8 years.


The details of Denis Povetkin’s education remain unknown, but it is possible that he may have received a degree in communications or marketing, given his professional career.


Povetkin has made a career out of internet blogging, attracting a large audience through his extravagant and often controversial videos. The most notorious was a video of him allegedly dropping a concrete slab onto his Porsche car.

At the moment, he owns three establishments and a telegram channel about earnings and training in the field of Crypto.

Baldy’s main achievement is the creation of a large audience on social media and the ability to attract the attention of the general public to its activities.

Conclusion: Denis Povetkin is a vivid example of a modern blogger who uses unconventional methods to attract attention. His journey demonstrates how modern media can influence the popularity and discussability of a person. Povetkin remains one of the most discussed figures in the world of Ukrainian blogging, which indicates a significant impact on the country’s media space.