Іво Бобул біографія

Ivo Bobul

Hello, dear readers! Today’s biography will be about the People’s Artist Ivo Bobul. His real name is Ivan Vasilyevich Bobul. The singer was born on June 17, 1953 in the village of Porubne, now Terebleche, Hlyboka district, Chernivtsi region. He is a famous Ukrainian singer (baritone), composer, teacher, and People’s Artist of Ukraine. We invite you to learn more about this incredible personality.

Childhood and family

Ivan Bobul was born into a large family of Romanian origin. He has been married four times and has three children: sons Ruslan and Danylo, and daughter Liudmyla.

Here is information about his wives:

  • First wife: Information about Ivo Bobul’s first wife is not known, as they lived together for 3 months. His son Ruslan changed his surname and lives in the states.
  • Second wife: Information about his second wife is also unknown. They have a daughter Liudmyla from their second marriage.
  • Third wife: Lilia Sandulesu: Ukrainian and Moldovan singer. People’s Artist of Ukraine, they had no children together.
  • Fourth wife: Natalia Bobul: She is 12 years younger than him and gave birth to his son Danylo.


After graduating from an eight-year school, Ivan entered Vocational School No. 76 in Sloviansk, Donetsk Oblast. In 1969, he took part in an amateur art competition between schools, where he won the title of laureate.


The birth of a musical career

Ivo Bobul started his career in music by working at a construction site and singing in restaurants. However, in 1979, his life changed when he received an offer to work at the Sevastopol Philharmonic, which was the beginning of his successful career as a singer.

Work at the Chernivtsi Philharmonic

At the turn of the 70s and 80s, Ivo Bobul became part of the Chernivtsi Philharmonic. He joined the Cheremosh band.

Joining the All-Ukrainian Association “Living Water”

In 1981, a year after joining Cheremosh, Ivo Bobul became a member of the vocal and instrumental ensemble Zhyva Voda, which was also part of the Chernivtsi Regional Philharmonic.

Titles received:

1995: Ivo Bobul was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine for his contribution to the development of Ukrainian musical culture.

1998: was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Ukraine, which is the highest honor for artists in Ukraine.

2000: A personalized star on the Alley of Stars in Chernivtsi.

2001: He was awarded the Cross of Honor “Law. Honor. Courage”.

2002: He was awarded the commemorative medal “10 Years of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine” and the Order of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker of the first degree of the All-Ukrainian Foundation for Promoting International Communication “Ukrainian People’s Embassy”.

2003: He was awarded the Order of Yaroslav the Wise of the V degree.

2004: Received the Cross of Honor “St. Prince Alexander Nevsky” from the Ukrainian Foundation for Cooperation.

2013: Awarded the Order of Merit III degree.

Іво Бобул біографія

Release of new songs and albums

For two decades, from 2000 to 2022, Bobul continued to create new music by recording new songs and albums. During this decade, Ivo recorded several successful albums, such as “Emigrant” (2002), “The Heaven of Your Eyes” (2002), “Songs for You” (2004), “The River of Life” (2004), “You are my dream” (2006).

In April 2023, the legendary song “And the Linden Trees Blossom” was performed in a new arrangement, in a “collab” with the KOLABA band, which is also known for its updated hits “Patsyky na Motsykakh”, “Oi, Mama, I Love Gritsya”, “Krestchatyk”, “Gorobina Nich”.


Ivo Bobul is not only an outstanding singer and composer, but also a prominent figure in Ukrainian culture. His talent, passion for music and contribution to the development of the Ukrainian music scene are undeniable. He continues to impress and inspire with his performances and work, and his contribution to the cultural life of Ukraine remains immeasurable.

To quote Ivo Bobul:

“Music is a language that requires only an ear to understand and a heart to hear.”