Діма Волканов

Dima Volkanov

Hello, dear readers! Today we are going to talk about the life and career of the famous Ukrainian singer Dmytro Volkanov. Dima was born in the city of Berdiansk, Ukraine, which is currently temporarily occupied. He is a student of the Kyiv University of Culture. He is known for his participation in the 9th season of The X Factor in 2018, where he reached the super final. After the show, Dmytro received an invitation to work in the team of Vera Serdyuchka. I invite you to learn more about this talented young singer.

Childhood and family

Dima Volkanov was born and raised in Berdiansk, a city on the Sea of Azov. He was brought up in a loving family where his musical talent was discovered from an early age. His father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and other male relatives are from Andrivka, Berdiansk district. His grandfather, Dmytro, always dreamed that his grandson would study music.



Діма Волканов

Dmytro is a student at the Kyiv University of Culture. He has always shown a great interest in music, which prompted him to pursue higher education in this field. Interestingly, before entering the university, Dmytro did not know any music, so he had to catch up, starting with the basics: learning music.


Dmitry Volkanov became famous for his participation in the 9th season of The X Factor in 2018, where he reached the super final. His charisma and talent made him one of the most memorable contestants on the show. He continues to develop his career in music, inspiring young performers with his success. Dmytro started his solo career in 2022, but his real fame came in 2023. The singer shows himself in a rather unusual genre for young people – chanson.


One of Dima Volkanov’s most important achievements is his success on The X Factor. His participation in this show not only brought him recognition, but also opened up new opportunities for his music career. Volkanov’s most popular track, “Bride,” has been viewed almost 3 million times on YouTube. Volkanov’s songs also include such well-known hits as “I’ll Draw”, “I Found You”, “Write to Me”, “Like My Love” and others.


Dmitry Volkanov is a talented young singer who has already made his mark on Ukrainian music. His success on The X Factor and his passion for music make him an important voice for the younger generation. We hope you found this article useful and inspiring. Thank you for reading!