Клавдія Петрівна ( Klavdia Petrivna )

Klavdia Petrivna

Revealing the secret of Klavdiya Petrovna

We present to your attention a biography of the mysterious Ukrainian singer known under the pseudonym Klavdia Petrivna.

Klavdia Petrivna is the pseudonym of a mysterious Ukrainian singer whose songs have won the hearts of millions of fans. Her music has become a real phenomenon on social media and music platforms, but for a long time, the singer’s identity remained mysterious. Let’s take a look at the details of her life and career to uncover the mystery of this extraordinary artist.

Childhood and the musical starting point

Klavdiya Petrivna, by her real name Solomiya Opryshko, was born in 2005 in Lviv region. According to the information, she is studying at a music college. Her awareness and love for music dates back to her youth, which served as the basis for her further creative career.

A breakthrough in the music world

In 2023, Klavdia Petrivna began her journey to success by posting a demo album on TikTok and other platforms, which impressed the audience and attracted their attention. Her work quickly gained popularity, which led to the signing of a contract with NEBO Music and her entry into the Ukrainian pop scene.

Musical heyday

Klavdiya Petrovna has become a real star, topping the charts of Ukrainian radio stations and winning the hearts of listeners with her songs. Her talent and profound lyrics have made many people think about important topics such as mental health.

Клавдія Петрівна ( Klavdia Petrivna )

Unlocking the mystery

Finally, after much speculation and hypothesis, the identity of Klavdia Petrivna was revealed. Alina Grosu confirmed that Solomiya Opryshko is indeed behind this pseudonym. This information is also confirmed by music blogger Maksym Nagornyak, who spoke about his communications with her before her popularity.


Klavdiya Petrovna has already established herself on the music scene, having received several prestigious awards and nominations:

  • 2023: She was nominated for the “Best New Artist” award from Culture Ukraine.
  • 2024: Received a nomination for “Debut of the Year” from Zolotaya Zorya.

These awards and nominations confirm her talent and influence on the music industry.

Songs by Klavdia Petrivna

  1. “Sun, heat”
  2. “Forge a passport for yourself”
  3. “I’m happy!”
  4. “Remember)”
  5. “The rain will wash away all traces”
  6. “Zozulya”
  7. “Keep me safe (You have not kept me safe)”
  8. “Emperors”
  9. “Find me”
  10. “Find Me (Kava remix)”
  11. “It’s already dawn”
  12. “Keep me safe”
  13. “Silence”
  14. “I lied to you”
  15. “December”
  16. “Samurai’s Daughter”
  17. “Snow”
  18. “Winter (I will be alone)”
  19. “Black and White” (from OSTY)
  20. “I Lied to You (Kava Remix)”
  21. “Drums (with Artem Pivovarov)

FAQ:  Frequently asked, common questions:

Who is Klavdia Petrivna?

    • Klavdia Petrivna, known as Klava Petrivna, is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter, and musician who remains anonymous.She gained rapid popularity on the social network TikTok.

Who is Klavdiya Petrovna, real name?

      • According to some sources, Klavdiya Petrivna’s real name is Solomiya. However, this information has not been officially confirmed.

Who is Klavdiya Petrovna?

      • It is now known that Klavdiya Petrovna is the pseudonym of a Ukrainian singer who remains anonymous. Her real name and identity remain a subject of speculation.

What is Klavdiya Petrovna’s real name?

      • According to some sources, Klavdiya Petrivna’s real name is Solomiya. However, this information has not been officially confirmed.

Who does Klavdiya Petrovna sing?

      • The songs under the pseudonym Klavdia Petrivna are performed by a Ukrainian singer whose real name, according to some sources, is Solomiya.

How old is Klavdiya Petrovna?

    • According to some sources, Klavdiya Petrivna, or Solomiya Opryshko, is currently 19 years old.



Regardless of who Klavdia Petrivna really is, it’s important to recognize her talent and contribution to music. Let’s respect her creativity and personality, regardless of her true identity. At the end of the day, music is what really matters.