Yuriy Tkach

Yuriy Tkach, a well-known Ukrainian comedian and actor, was born on November 9, 1983 in Dnipropetrovs’k (now Dnipro). He gained fame for his appearances in comedy shows and TV series, including Country U and Once Upon a Time in Poltava. His talent and charisma helped him to become one of the most recognizable faces on Ukrainian television, thanks to his participation in shows such as Dancing with the Stars, The League of Laughter and The Prank Games.

Childhood and education

Yuriy Tkach was born and raised in Dnipro, Ukraine. There is not much information about his childhood and early years, but from a young age he showed an interest in the field of entertainment.

After graduating from high school, Yuriy continued his studies at the Metallurgical Academy, where he received an education in the field of metallurgy or a related field. While studying at the Academy, he not only gained academic knowledge, but also developed his creative talents.

While studying at the university, Yurii Tkach and his friends organized the KVN team “Dnipropetrovs’k Sbirna”. They actively performed and took part in various competitions, including the election of the best comedians. During this period, the team gained some fame, becoming a bronze medalist in the Ukrainian Premier League in 2009 and a silver medalist in 2013. These performances in the KVN team were Yuriy Tkach’s first steps towards success in Ukrainian show business.

Career in the entertainment industry


Yuriy Tkach has gained popularity among Ukrainian viewers thanks to his talents and acting skills. He actively participated in various television projects that gained great popularity among viewers.

Participation in sitcoms:

In 2013, Yuriy Tkach joined the cast of the sitcom Country U, where he played the role of Yurchik, Yarynka’s husband (played by Irina Soponaru). The popularity of this series led to the launch of spin-offs, including Once Upon a Time in Poltava and Tales of U, where Yuriy Tkach played the role of Ivan Tsarevych.

Participation in entertainment shows:

Yuriy Tkach is also known for his participation in popular entertainment shows. He impressed viewers with his dancing talent on Dancing with the Stars, where in 2017 he danced with Ilona Hvozdova. Outside of the dance arena, he acted as a judge in the show “League of Laughter” (2018) and was a member of the jury in the program “Make a Comedian Laugh. Children” (2019).

In addition, Yuriy Tkach took part in such shows as Masquerade (2020) and Lipsync Battle (2021), where he demonstrated his unique vocal impersonation, including a performance of the famous Korean singer Psy with the song Gangnam Style.

These projects allowed Yuriy Tkach to demonstrate his versatility and talent in various fields of the entertainment industry and earn a large circle of fans.

Role in television

Yuriy Tkach is expanding his presence on television not only as an actor, but also as a TV presenter and judge.

Judge in the League of Laughter:

In 2018, he joined the team of judges in the entertainment show The League of Laughter. His ability to detect humor and evaluate the participants’ performances added new dynamism and diversity to the show.


Host of the morning show “Wake Up”:

In 2024, Yuriy Tkach took on the role of host of the morning show “Wake Up” on We Are Ukraine+ TV channel. This is a new challenge for the actor, which will allow him to show his energy and communication skills on air and find a common language with the audience.

Thus, his participation in the show “League of Laughter” and his leading role in the program “Wake Up” demonstrate Yuriy Tkach’s versatility and high professionalism in the television field.

Personal life

Yuriy Tkach keeps his personal life private off camera, but some details about his family life are known to the audience.

Marriage and family:


In 2014, Yuriy proposed to his beloved, choreographer and European ballroom dancing champion Victoria. The ceremony took place in a modest circle, with only their closest friends and relatives present. Their wedding lasted three days and was held in an atmosphere of fun and joy.

In 2014, Tkach’s family was expanded by the birth of his daughter Lisa. He often shares moments with his family on social media, where his wife and daughter occupy a special place. These family moments become a source of joy and inspiration for Yuriy himself.

Yuriy Tkach considers his family to be the greatest support and source of happiness in his life.

Musical ambitions

Outside of his acting career, Yuriy Tkach is interested in music.

A project with Sergey Babkin:

Yuriy Tkach has expressed a desire to realize his musical talents and collaborate with the famous Ukrainian musician Serhiy Babkin. They are planning to record a joint cover album, where they will remake their favorite songs by 5’nizza. This project demonstrates Tkach’s desire to expand his creative horizons and test himself in the music field.

Yuriy Tkach also shows an interest in playing the guitar, which is not only a hobby but also a way for him to express himself through music. This musical side of his personality adds new dimensions to his creative portfolio and showcases his diverse talents.


Yuriy Tkach is a talented Ukrainian actor, comedian and TV presenter whose contribution to the development of the Ukrainian entertainment industry is impressive in its diversity and influence. He successfully combines acting, comedic talent and musical ambitions, winning the hearts of audiences with a variety of roles and projects.

Thanks to his acting skills and charisma, Yuriy Tkach has gained popularity as a Ukrainian comedian and actor, participating in well-known television shows, sitcoms and projects of various formats. His role in such shows as The League of Laughter, Make a Comedian Laugh. Children, Dancing with the Stars, and Masquerade allowed him to showcase his talent and establish himself as a bright representative of the Ukrainian entertainment industry.

Yuriy Tkach’s hard work, genuine energy and creative activity have contributed to his success in various fields of art and entertainment. He became a judge in the show “The League of Laughter” and the host of the morning show “Wake Up” on the TV channel “We Are Ukraine+”, where he continues to surprise and entertain the audience with his unique style and humor.

Yuriy Tkach’s overall contribution to the Ukrainian cultural scene is hard to overestimate. His work not only entertains and inspires millions of viewers, but also reflects the diversity and richness of Ukrainian art. He is not only a comedian and actor, but also a symbol of positive changes in the cultural space of Ukraine, contributing to the development of the country’s humorous and entertainment sector.