Hello, dear readers! Today I would like to tell you about the biography of one of the most popular Ukrainian singers of our time – YAKTAK. This is the pseudonym of Yaroslav Mykolayovych Karpuk, who was born on May 4, 2005 in the village of Stara Vyzhivka, Volyn region. He is 180 cm tall. He performs songs in the pop and hip-hop genres, and is also the author of his own tracks. Some of his most famous hits are “Look,” “Waiting at Home,” “Porichka,” “Shoot,” and others. If you want to know more about his life, career, and achievements, then stay with me and I will reveal all the interesting facts to you.

Childhood and family


Yaroslav Karpuk was born into a family of civil servants. His parents are Mykola and Olena Karpuk. He has a younger brother, Oleh, who is also a musician. Yaroslav’s love for music was instilled in him by his grandparents, who teach at a music school and a professional lyceum in Stara Vyzheva. They taught him to play various musical instruments and to sing. Since childhood, Yaroslav has participated in various competitions and festivals where he demonstrated his talent. He graduated from the gymnasium in his native village, where he was an active participant in school life.


After high school, Yaroslav entered the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Circus and Variety Arts to study to become a vocalist. He is studying the theory and practice of musical art, as well as developing his vocal skills. He also takes various courses and internships where he meets famous musicians and producers. He plans to get a higher education and continue his studies in the field of music.



Yaroslav began his professional career in 2019 when he took part in the fifth season of the TV show The Voice. He joined the Dzidzio team and reached the super final, where he took second place. He impressed the audience and the jury with his powerful voice, charisma and confidence. He performed such songs as “Galya Carries Water,” “God Save the Tsar,” “Let Go,” “For You, Kalena,” and others. After the show, he continued to work with Dzidzio, who became his mentor and friend.

In 2021, Yaroslav started writing his own songs and music for them. He created his solo project under the pseudonym YAKTAK, which hides his initials. In February 2022, he presented his first single, “Hutsulka,” which became a hit on the Ukrainian charts. Since then, he has released many other songs that have also gained great popularity among listeners. He has collaborated with such well-known artists as Jerry Heil, MamaRika, SOBOL, DOVI, KOLA, Golubenko. He also participated in various music projects, organizations, and events where he demonstrated his talent and influence on the Ukrainian music scene.


In his short but successful career, Yaroslav Karpuk has achieved many recognitions and awards. Here are some of them:

  • He became the most popular Ukrainian artist of 2023 according to Spotify. It was his songs that Ukrainians listened to most often this year.
  • He received the Muzvar Awards in the Best New Pop Music Names nomination in 2023.
  • Sav became a finalist in the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 with his song “Shoot”. He has a chance to represent Ukraine at the international competition in Sweden.
  • He received the Grand Prix of the Black Sea Games festival in 2021 in Skadovsk.
  • He took first place at the open festival-competition “Ukraine is my home” in the nomination “Vocal” in 2016.


Yaroslav Karpuk, known as YAKTAK, is one of the brightest and most talented Ukrainian singers of our time.

He started his career by participating in the TV show “Voice.Children”, where he showed his potential and impressed the audience.

He continued to develop his talent by writing his own songs and music, which became hits in the Ukrainian charts.

He has collaborated with many well-known artists and participated in various music projects where he demonstrated his skills and influence on the Ukrainian music scene.

He has received many recognitions and awards for his achievements, which set him apart from other showbiz representatives.

He is a talented, courageous and purposeful person who has made a significant contribution to the development of music.

I hope that this article was useful and interesting for you and that you learned more about YAKTAK’s background.

I would like to end my story with a few quotes from YAKTAK that reflect his outlook on life:

  • “Music is my passion, my strength, my freedom. I can’t live without it, and I want to give it to people.”
  • “I always believe in myself, in my dream, in my goal. I do not stop in front of difficulties, I overcome them. I don’t listen to critics, I listen to my heart.”
  • “I love my native land, my native language, my native culture. I am proud to be a Ukrainian, and I want to show the world our beauty and wealth.”