Курсед ( Zxcursed )


Lately, most people want to know who Kursed is, what his name is, how old he is?

Zxcursed is a well-known Ukrainian streamer and musician who has earned fame for his unique performances and creative approach to music. Zxcursed was born on November 19, 2007 in Kyiv, Ukraine. According to his oriental horoscope, he is a Boar and his zodiac sign is a Scorpio.

Kursed began his career as a streamer in August 2018 when he started broadcasting the game Dota 2. His audience gradually grew, and he became one of the most famous streamers who never show their faces. Requests from subscribers to reveal his name, place of birth, and age remain unanswered.

Курсед ( Zxcursed )

He is also known for his music, which includes the genres of Hip Hop, Alternative Hip Hop and Phonk House. His tracks often contain references to anime, gaming, and “dead inside” culture, making his music particularly appealing to young people.

Zxcursed активно використовує соціальні мережі для спілкування зі своїми фанатами. Він має акаунти в Instagram, Telegram та YouTube, де він регулярно публікує нові треки та оновлення. На його каналі YouTube підписано понад 354 тисячі користувачів.

However, not everything in his career has been smooth sailing. In 2021, his Twitch channel was blocked due to a lack of moderation in the chat room while inciting hate speech. After that, he moved to YouTube, where he continues to stream.

Kursed is also known for his musical experiments. He has released several tracks, including “blades”, “???”, “zero” and “new era”. His music is characterized by deep emotional lyrics and a unique sound that combines elements of different genres.

Despite his youth, Zxcursed has already gained considerable popularity and recognition in the music world. His work continues to evolve, and we can expect a lot of interesting things from this talented musician in the future. Now he is one of the most influential representatives of the Ukrainian music scene, and his influence continues to grow. According to statistics, Zxcursed’s income from the affiliate program on Twitch channel amounted to $1.3 thousand per month, and advertising integration brought the blogger another $600.

In the summer of 2021, Zxcursed had a scooter accident. As a result of the accident, his eyebrow was split and had to be stitched. He complained of pain in his shoulder, but an X-ray showed no fracture. The same day, Zxcursed held a two-hour stream.

As for his personal life, Zxcursed, although he maintains an Instagram account, does not share details of his personal life with his followers. It is known that he does not have a girlfriend, and he rarely leaves the house.

Курсед ( Zxcursed )

An interesting fact is that Kursed received his first block on Twitch in August 2021, when he was running a 600-hour marathon. The reason for the blocking was the lack of moderation in the chat during hate speech.

In addition to playing Dota 2, Kursed tries his hand at music. On the eve of 2022, his new track, titled “In a Dream,” was released.

Zxcursed translates to “cursed.” What the streamer had in mind when he came up with the nickname is anyone’s guess.