Вікторія Маремуха

Victoria Maremukha

Hello, dear readers! Today we are going to look at the biography of Victoria Maremukha, a famous Ukrainian actress, blogger and TV presenter who was born on June 5, 1989 in the village of Martynivka, Vinnytsia region. According to Wikipedia, she is 170 cm tall.

She is known for her participation in the show “Supermodel in Ukrainian” and her work as a TV presenter on the morning show “Morning with Ukraine”. Let’s learn more about her life story.

Childhood and family

Вікторія Маремуха в дитинстві
Photo: Novy Kanal

Victoria was born in the small village of Martynivka, located in Vinnytsia region. Since early childhood, she had a dream of conquering the fashion world and becoming a famous supermodel. However, her parents did not share this desire. Her mom and dad did not support her pursuit of a modeling career, considering it not a serious enough profession. On April 18, 2022, Victoria shared the news of her pregnancy on Instagram. Victoria Maremukha’s husband is a French businessman named Louis. They got married in June 2021. They have a son, Luca.

Victoria and Louis are in an open marriage. After three years of relationship, they broke up because of Louis’ infidelity. But after working with a psychologist, they decided to try an open marriage. Victoria said it was her choice.

Victoria and Louis learned to control their jealousy. She noted that she has always been loving and can love others. She also noted that her husband is very comfortable for her in terms of life and they have a great time together.

Are most people interested in the relationship with Evgeny Tuller?

Yevhen is a close friend of Victoria’s. He became the godfather of her son Luka.

Yevhen Tuller and her friend Anya are her closest friends, with whom she has been friends for over 10 years. She called them people she loves like family. So, the relationship between Victoria Maremukha and Yevhen Tuller is friendly and close.


Вікторія Маремуха в школі
Photo: Novy Kanal

Before starting the Supermodel Ukraine project, Victoria worked as a teaching assistant at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts.

She also practiced yoga.

Victoria became known for her participation in the show “Supermodel in Ukrainian”, where she reached the finals and took 2nd place.

After that, she worked as a TV presenter on the morning show Morning with Ukraine.

She is also known for her work in the TV series Kyiv by Day and Night, where she played herself.


Вікторія Маремуха біографія

Victoria Maremukha is one of the most famous Ukrainian models and TV hosts.

She has achieved considerable success in her career, including participation in the popular show “Supermodel in Ukrainian”, where she reached the finals.

She is also known for her work in the TV series Kyiv Day and Night and as a TV presenter on the morning show Morning with Ukraine.


Viktoriia Maremukha is a great example of how important it is to follow your dreams despite obstacles. The blogger has achieved significant success in her career, realizing her dream of becoming a famous model and TV presenter. Her story is an inspiration for everyone who dreams of a career in modeling or television. We hope you found this article useful and interesting. Thank you for reading!