Олена Курбанова

Olena Kurbanova

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today’s biography is dedicated to the life and professional career of Olena Kurbanova, a well-known Ukrainian TV presenter and journalist. Olena Kurbanova was born on August 27, 1989. According to her horoscope, she belongs to the sign of Virgo. She became famous for her work in the media, where she proved herself as an experienced journalist and TV presenter. We invite you to learn more about her personal life, education, career and achievements.

Childhood and family

From an early age, Olena had a dream of a career in journalism. Despite resistance from her parents, who did not take her hobby seriously and even tried to prevent it, Olena did not lose faith in herself and achieved her goal. She is the proud owner of two dogs and admits that she loves animals more than people. It is also known that her husband is Georgy Kurbanov.Elena Kurbanova with her husband


She graduated from the Institute of Journalism.


Olena Kurbanova started her career as a parliamentary correspondent. Later, she immersed herself so deeply in the profession that she began to create and host her own author’s programs. Among them, the most famous are Zaporebryk News, Rush Hour, and Kurbanova Live. She doesn’t remember any important dates from her personal life, but she is an excellent quoteer of bills.Olena Kurbanova


Kurbanova Live has 634 thousand subscribers on YouTube, and almost 30 thousand people follow the TV presenter on Instagram.


Olena Kurbanova is a well-known Ukrainian TV presenter and journalist who has made a significant contribution to Ukrainian television. Her career is an example of professionalism and hard work. Although many aspects of her life remain unknown, her work speaks for itself. We hope you found this article useful and informative. Thank you for reading!