Христина Христонько


Kristonko, a Ukrainian singer and blogger, was born on January 21, 2000, in the village of Svarychiv, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Khrystyna Mykhailivna Khrystonko grew up in a family where her mother worked as a teacher and her father made furniture. Her childhood was surrounded by nature and a rural idyll, where every day was filled with simple joys and family warmth. Let’s learn more about Kristonko’s biography.

Since she was a little girl, Khrystyna has shown an aptitude for music, although she was not always enthusiastic about attending music school. Nevertheless, she completed her studies, eager not to disappoint her parents. Her dream of owning her own synthesizer became a symbol of her determination and independence.

After her school years, Kristina continued her education at a pedagogical university, which may have been her parents’ choice. However, her true passion was blogging, where she was able to express her creativity and personality. Initially, her blogging activities caused surprise among her fellow villagers and skepticism among her parents, but eventually they recognized her talent and began to support her.

Христина Христонько

Khrystyna began her musical career by performing in kindergarten and later at school, where her voice and musical abilities were noticed by teachers. She also performed as a street musician, where she earned money by singing. Her covers of songs by famous Ukrainian artists gained popularity on social media, and her interpretation of the song “Rampampam” earned her wide recognition.

Kristonko is now one of the leading insta-bloggers in Ukraine, with a large following, and her influence continues to grow. She not only shares her music, but also expresses her thoughts and ideas, making her a significant figure in today’s digital world. Her journey is an inspiration to many, showing that perseverance and support can lead to great achievements.

Popular songs by Christina:

  • “New Year’s miracle”
  • “Lured”
  • “I am yours”
  • “Summer” (feat. The Faino)
  • “Childhood”
  • “Swinging”
  • “Don’t hold it”
  • “Our Ancestors”
  • “Soldier”
  • “Heart”
  • “Bandera”
  • “Don’t come”
  • “I breathe you”
  • “The sky is crying”