полудневич галя біографія

Halyna Poludnevych

Biography of Halyna Poludnevych

Halyna Andriivna Poludnevych, known as Galia “Cleopatra” Poludnevych, was born on February 18, 1994 in the city of Nova Odesa. Since 2012, she has lived with her loving mother in Kyiv. She used to work as a saleswoman at a kiosk near the Akademgorodok metro station.

The blogger has an older brother and sister. They are twins.

During track and field training in the seventh grade, she broke both her arms at the same time.

She studied English language courses.

Participation in the project “From a Boy to a Girl”

On October 21, 2015, Galia joined the “From Girl to Girl” project to radically change her life and become a Lady, which she is improving every day. She works in a pawnshop as a gold appraiser and takes English language courses.

полудневич галя біографія

Galina Poludnevych, known for her participation in the TV show “From a Girl to a Girl,” also participated in the project “Girls. New Life” project. She became the winner of the second season of the show, where the New Channel viewers gave her the most votes. Galia had a dream to open her own coffee shop, and thanks to her victory in the show, she received 50 thousand hryvnias to realize this dream.

Halyna’s favorite singers are Adele and Tina Karol, and her favorite actress is Megan Fox. She dreamed of traveling to Egypt and seeing the pyramids, which is not surprising since she is a Cleopatra.

As for her personal life, she was single at the time of the show. There is no information about her current relationship status.

Galia is also active on social media and has a blog on Instagram with over 430,000 followers, which can be considered blogging. She shares her thoughts and moments from her life, which is typical for bloggers.