Андрій Кравченко

Andriy Kravchenko

Hello, dear readers! Our today’s biography is dedicated to the life and work of Andriy Kravchenko, a recognized Ukrainian singer. He was born in 1992 in Chernihiv, but now lives and works in Kyiv. Andriy holds the title of Honored Artist of Variety Art of Ukraine. We invite you to learn more about his remarkable personality.

Childhood and family

Andriy Kravchenko was born and raised in Chernihiv. It is not known who Kravchenko’s wife is; he does not wear a wedding ring and does not disclose his personal life. However, as he himself says, it is important to look not at the hands, but at the soul.


After graduating from high school, Andriy continued his education at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, where he received a master’s degree.


Андрій Кравченко. Київ Жовтневий Палац 6.03.2024

Andriy Kravchenko is a well-known Ukrainian singer who is often compared to Oleh Vynnyk because of his similar vocals and singing style. He worked for five years in the song and dance ensemble of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. The singer holds the rank of junior lieutenant in the reserve with a degree in military psychology.


  • Andriy Kravchenko is an Honored Artist of Variety Art of Ukraine.
  • He was included in the TOP-100 Outstanding Men of Kyiv Region rating in 2020.
  • He actively supports and assists the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for which he was awarded the honorary award for “Cooperation” by the National Guard of Ukraine.

Songs by Andriy Kravchenko:

  • “Only you”
  • “My Destiny”
  • “Children of War”
  • “My One and Only”
  • “Lebedka”
  • “Time goes by like a river”
  • “Madonna”

These songs became very popular among his fans.


Andriy Kravchenko is a talented singer who has earned the recognition and love of his fans. He continues to develop and present his music to the world. As he says himself, “I am who I am, and I am an individual.” We hope you enjoyed this biography and learned more about the life and career of Andriy Kravchenko.