Кім Юлія біографія дружини Віталія Кіма

Yulia Kim

Hello, dear readers! Today we are opening a new page in the history of successful women in Ukraine. We are going to find out who Yulia Kim is. She is Kim’s wife, who owns significant property, including cars and businesses, and is active in business. Let’s learn more about her life, career and achievements together. I invite you to this fascinating journey!

Personal life

Yulia Vitalievna Kim is the wife of Vitaliy Aleksandrovich Kim, a well-known Ukrainian businessman and politician. They have been married since 2016, but their relationship began in 2010 when they met and started dating. They have two daughters, Yevheniia and Oleksandra, and a son, Ruslan.

Property and finance

Vitalii Kim’s wife owns a Subaru XV 2.0, made in 2017, worth UAH 702900. In addition, the family subleased a Volkswagen Touareg R-Line 3.0 V6 TDI, made in 2020. In 2022, Yulia had just under $30,000 in cash and about 500,000 hryvnias. She also had cryptocurrency worth UAH 848 thousand.


Yulia Kim also fully owns the corporate rights of Duet Plus LLC and Media Group LLC. The total value of these companies is UAH 840,000. This information demonstrates her success as an entrepreneur.


Yulia Vitalievna Kim is a successful entrepreneur and supportive wife of Vitaliy Kim. She owns significant property and is active in business. Her life path and achievements serve as an example for others. Please note that the privacy of personal information is important and it is important to respect her right to privacy.