Кім Віталій Олександрович біографія

Vitaliy Kim

Welcome, dear readers! Today we are going to dive into the life of Vitaliy Kim, a well-known Ukrainian entrepreneur and politician. He was born on March 13, 1981, in Mykolaiv, where he began his impressive life journey.

Childhood and family

From an early age, Vitaliy learned to overcome difficulties. His father, a recognized basketball coach, instilled in him discipline, dedication and a tireless thirst for victory. These qualities became the basis of his success in any business he undertook. Vitaliy is married to Yulia Vitalievna Kim and has two daughters, Evgeniya and Alexandra, from his first marriage to Olga, and a son with Yulia, Ruslan.

Кім Віталій Олександрович біографія
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After graduating from Mykolaiv Gymnasium No. 2, Vitaliy studied at the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, majoring in business economics. His unbridled thirst for knowledge led him to postgraduate studies, where he is pursuing a degree in public administration.


Vitaliy Kim is an extraordinary personality who is not afraid to take risks and venture into uncharted territory. His entrepreneurial talent was already evident in 1998 when he started his career. He successfully led the Ushuaja club, dealt with the construction business and took an active part in the development of Mykolaiv.

2003 was a turning point in Vitaliy’s career. He started working at Ukrpromresurs, where he gained valuable experience in valuation and audit activities in the public sector. Subsequently, he held senior positions in a number of companies specializing in international investment activities.

The years 2015-2016 were significant for Vitaliy Kim. He took an active part in organizing the work and headed the analytical department of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine, where his knowledge and experience became the key to the successful implementation of important projects.

On November 25, 2020, Vitalii Kim’s life changed dramatically. He was appointed to the position of the Head of Mykolaiv Regional State Administration. This period was a real test of strength. The Russian aggression against Ukraine has presented him and his team with challenging tasks related to the defense and protection of Mykolaiv region.


Mr. Kim accepted this challenge with dignity. He demonstrated outstanding leadership skills by rallying people and organizing the defense of the region. His decisive actions, frankness and sincerity in communicating with people have earned him great respect and honor.

In 2023, Vitalii Kim was recognized as one of the 15 leaders in the Public Administration category of the Ukrainian Pravda’s UP-100 List of Leaders of Ukraine rating. This fact is a testament to his significant contribution to the development of Ukraine and recognition of his merits in the field of public administration.

For his courage, dedication and significant personal contribution to the protection of Ukraine’s state sovereignty and territorial integrity, Vitaliy Kim was awarded the Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, III class.

Кім Віталій Олександрович біографія


Vitaly Kim’s story is not just a biography. It is a story about an extraordinary personality who inspires people with his actions, gives them faith in a better future, and reminds them that even in the most difficult times, you can win if you believe in yourself, your business, and your people.

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