Даша Кубік

Dasha Kubik

Greetings! Today we’re going to talk about the biography of a blogger from TikTok – Dasha Kubik. Daria Kubik was born on December 10, 1998 in the village of Novoborysivka. She is a comedian, actress, comedian, blogger and TV presenter. She has more than 1.9 million followers on TikTok (@kubikrombik) and 413 thousand followers on Instagram (da_kubik), and her videos get hundreds of thousands of views. Dasha Kubik is 169 cm tall.

Childhood and family

Daria admits that her parents have always given her complete freedom and the right to manage her life the way she wants.


Даша Кубік

Daria did well at school and entered the Odesa National Academy of Food Technologies on a scholarship, where she studied to become a catering technologist.


Dasha Kubyk started developing her blogging activity relatively recently, in January 2021. She shoots funny videos in which many viewers can see themselves, and is also a member of the TikTok house “WHYNOT HOUSE”. At the beginning of her career, Daria was the equal of many TikTok bloggers in Ukraine. An example for her was the famous Oleg Mashukovsky, with whom she is now friends. She has also participated in several comedy shows, including Improv Live Show, Transitions, KVN, and League of Laughter.

Даша Кубік

Personal life

Dasha does not disclose information about her relationships, so there is no information available in open sources. However, her Tik Tok followers attribute her relationship to the host and comedian Valentyn Mikhienko, .


Dasha Kubik is a well-known blogger on TikTok who earns money from her videos and shares her experience with others. Her work and accomplishments on TikTok and Instagram are noteworthy. We hope that this biography was useful for you. Thank you for choosing us to provide information about Dasha. We hope you will continue to stay with us for more detailed and up-to-date information. Sincerely, your Biographer.