Козак Сіромаха


Hello, dear readers! Today we are going to talk about the biography of the famous Ukrainian musician and defender of Ukrainian traditions – KOZAK SIROMAHA (real name – Oleksandr Lyubbozhenko). He was born in the picturesque city of Dnipro. Tall, strong and principled, Kozak Siromakha always emphasizes the importance of the Cossack heritage and Ukrainian culture. He captures the hearts of fans of all ages with his works and actions.

Childhood and family:

In his family, KOZAK SIROMAHA felt love and support, which contributed to his development. Together with his wife, they are raising three sons, passing on the values of the Cossack spirit and faith in their land.


Oleksandr Lyubbozhenko was educated at a vocational school where he studied tailoring, which became his second nature. Later, he studied at the National Academy of Culture and Arts Management, specializing in contemporary choreography.


It is known that Oleksandr was part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and served in the ATO zone.

Козак Сіромаха в АТО
Photo: KOZAK SIROMAHA press service

He began his career in music by participating in the eighth season of The Voice, where his unique style attracted the attention of viewers and producers. Later, he collaborated with the ENKO music label, which became an important stage in his creative development.

In addition to his musical activities, he has also worked in the Lyutyi Kozaky Theater, where he performs horseback riding stunts and battle hopak. He advocates for the dissemination of authentic Cossack traditions and defends the importance of Ukrainian culture.

Козак Сіромаха
Photo: KOZAK SIROMAHA press service


KOZAK SIROMAHA is deservedly considered one of the most prominent representatives of Ukrainian ethnic music. His songs not only tell the story of Cossack traditions, but also impress with their power and expressiveness. He has received numerous awards and recognition from both Ukrainian and international audiences.

Not only does KOZAK SIROMAHA sing, but he also skillfully plays the harmonica. The songs he performs belong to the genre of trinda, which is typical of Cossack fables.


  • “Zhorno”
  • “The Last Lighthouse”
  • “Vera”
  • “Walking”
  • “We will stand”
  • “We will overcome the enemy”
  • “Come on!”
  • “The Cossacks have risen in the world”
  • “The world is colorful”
  • “Let’s go Cossacks” (together with KALUSH Orchestra)
  • “Siromaha” (together with KALUSH Orchestra)


KOZAK SIROMAHA is a symbol of the true spirit of Ukraine, which always stands guard over its culture and identity. His contribution to the development of Ukrainian music and support of Cossack traditions is extremely important. May his work continue to inspire and unite people around true values and spirituality.