Максим Бородін

Maksym Borodin

Hello, dear readers! Today we are going to look at the fascinating biography and incredible career of the talented Ukrainian singer and musician Maxim Borodin. Born in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, Maksym was able to quickly win the hearts of listeners with his breathtaking voice and deeply soulful songs. Although he first came to attention as a semi-finalist on The Voice 12, his talent and influence on the music scene has been much broader.

Childhood and family

Born in Zaporizhzhia, Maksym Borodin has long been a true patriot of Ukraine. His family has always been a great source of support and inspiration for him. According to the performer himself, his wife and three daughters have always stood by him and supported him in all his endeavors.


As for his education, detailed information about Maksym Borodin has not yet been provided, but his talent and ability to perform music speak for themselves, showing a deep professionalism and a high level of skill.


Starting his career by performing covers on the streets of Ukrainian cities, Maksym Borodin quickly gained popularity and recognition as a talented musician and songwriter. He actively participated in music projects and volunteer events, putting his heart and soul into every performance and song.


Among the most famous achievements of Maxim Borodin are his participation in the TV project “The Voice 12” and the impressive success of his romantic hit “If Not for You”, which became a real hit both on the Internet and on music radio stations.

Максим Бородін


Maksim Borodin is not only a talented singer and musician, but also a true patriot of his country, an active participant in volunteer events and charity concerts. His music and art contain important instructive moments and impress with their depth and emotionality. We wish Maxim Borodin further success in his work and in life, and let his songs continue to inspire and move his listeners to action.