Марія Тиха

Maria Tykha

Hello, dear readers! Today we will talk about the biography of an incredible woman who changed the world around her with her extraordinary abilities. Her name is Maria Tykha. She was born in 1996 and lives in Kyiv, Ukraine. Maria is a famous necromancer witch who works with dead energy and ancestral spirits. Her life journey and achievements are admirable and make you want to know more about her.
Maria, known for her participation in the 21st season of the show “Battle of the Psychics”, felt her gift at the age of 21 when she became pregnant.

Professional activity

Maria earns her living by using her witchy abilities. She possesses the powers of a black witch-necromancer, working with dead energy and family spirits. The cost of a consultation with her is 12 thousand hryvnias, and the fees for rituals start at a thousand dollars. She also actively maintains her YouTube channel, where she shares her predictions and opinions.


Maria has already managed to buy three apartments in Kyiv and a business class car. She has a wardrobe with luxury brand handbags, diamond jewelry, and 12 fur coats made of natural fur.


She was married to a man who abused drugs, insulted her and beat her. In another quarrel with him, the witch suffered a concussion. After the birth of her child, she left her husband and moved with her daughter to her mother’s house, whose mother Svitlana is fully engaged in her upbringing. Maria said that the most important thing for her is love and support from her beloved.


Maria admitted that she started changing her appearance for a reason. Her ex-husband influenced her decision. The witch had several plastic surgeries in Turkey and regularly visits beauty salons.

Марія Тиха


For Maria, it is unacceptable when psychics consider themselves gods and think that they have the right to decide people’s fates. In her opinion, they are merely conduits between forces and worlds.


Maria Tykha is a strong and independent woman who has managed to find her place in life despite the difficulties. She is a famous participant of the show “Battle of the Psychics” and actively practices her abilities. Please note that this information may be inaccurate or incomplete as it is based on available sources. For the most accurate information, we recommend to contact Maria Tycha directly or view her official resources.