Даша Щаслива

Dasha Shchaslyva

People who are able to influence social processes always attract our attention. Dasha Shchaslyva is one such personality in modern Ukrainian journalism. Born on September 17, 1991, in Kyiv, she is not only an outstanding journalist but also a TV presenter whose work and contribution to the media sphere deserve attention.

Childhood and family:

Detailed information about Dasha Shchaslyva’s childhood and family life remains outside the public domain. Nevertheless, she is an example of how private life can be wrapped in secrecy to focus on her professional activities.


Daria Shchaslyva received her higher education at prestigious Ukrainian universities. She graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a degree in advertising and public relations and completed a master’s program at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy, focusing on journalism.


Даша Щаслива
Photo.: facebook.com/d.schastlivaya/

Shchaslyva has built an impressive career in the Ukrainian media sphere. She has worked for various TV channels and publications, including 112 Ukraine, where she hosted the morning show Nasha Tema, and Pryamyy TV channel, where she currently works.


Dasha Shchaslyva has established herself as a well-known and influential representative of Ukrainian journalism. Her professional contribution to the industry has been recognized by numerous awards and recognitions. She is known for her original programs, highly professional work and outstanding journalistic skills.

In addition to her television career, Daria Schastlivaya also actively shares her thoughts, ideas and experiences on her personal YouTube channel. On the channel, called Dasha Schastlivaya, she regularly posts her own videos discussing current topics, conducting interviews, and talking about her professional and personal experiences. Since the channel was created, it has been subscribed to by more than 116,000 users, which demonstrates the great interest in her content and high popularity among viewers. On YouTube, Dasha continues to share her professional skills and helps the audience better understand current topics and events.


Dasha Shchaslyva is a shining example of a successful and talented journalist who has managed to achieve significant heights in her career. Her professional achievements and influence on the Ukrainian media sphere demonstrate the great potential and talent of this outstanding personality. Despite all the difficulties and challenges she has faced on her way, Dasha Schastlivaya remains an example of endurance, professionalism and self-improvement in modern Ukrainian journalism.