Юлія Саніна

Yulia Sanina

Hello, dear readers! Today, I want to tell you about one of the brightest and most talented stars of Ukrainian showbiz, Yulia Sanina. She is a singer, songwriter, blogger, presenter, trainer, and much more. Born on October 11, 1990 in Kyiv, Sanina is 165 cm tall and is the frontwoman of the popular band The Hardkiss. Her voice, style, energy and charisma impress millions of fans around the world. If you want to know more about her life, career, and achievements, read on!

Childhood and family

Yulia Sanina was born into a musical family. Her father, Oleksandr Holovan, was a conductor and composer, and her mother, Olena Holovan, was a vocalist and music teacher. At the age of three, Yulia performed on stage for the first time with her father’s ensemble. Since then, she hasn’t parted with music, singing in children’s show bands, solo and as part of a jazz big band. In 2005, she graduated from the Children’s Music School of Jazz and Variety Arts.”Yulia Sanina with her husband

Sanina is in a relationship with Valeriy Bebko, who is her bandmate in The Hardkiss. They met in 2011, when Yulia was working as a journalist for MTV Ukraine, and have been together ever since. They are not only creative partners, but also a couple in love who support and inspire each other.

In 2015, the couple had a son, Daniel, who is their only child.Yulia Sanina does not often post photos of her son on social media, but some of them can be seen on her Instagram.According to the singer, she tries to spend more time with him and take care of his development and education.

Юлія Саніна з чоловіком та сином


Yulia Sanina is not only a talented singer, but also an educated person. She entered the Institute of Philology at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, where she studied folklore. In 2013, she received her master’s degree in Folklore and Ethnology. During her studies, she was also interested in journalism and worked on television.

Yulia Sanina does not stop her self-development and is constantly improving her knowledge and skills. She speaks Ukrainian and English, plays keyboards, writes her own songs and scripts for music videos, runs her own YouTube blog, and participates in various television projects and social initiatives.


Yulia Sanina started her career as a singer as a child, but her real success came in 2011 when she formed the band The Hardkiss with her boyfriend Valeriy Bebko. They decided to change their names to Yulia Sanina and Valeriy Bebko to create a new image and sound. Their music is a combination of rock, pop, electronica and ethno. Their style is bold images, bright makeup and original hairstyles.

Юлія Саніна

Over the nine years of The Hardkiss’ existence, they have released three studio albums: “Stones and Honey” (2012), “Perfection Is a Lie” (2016) and “Iron Swallow” (2018), as well as many singles and videos. They have been nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards in the Best Ukrainian Artist category four times (2012, 2013, 2016, 2017), and have received many other awards and recognitions in Ukraine and abroad. They have performed at various festivals and concerts, including opening for such well-known bands as Hurts, Muse, Depeche Mode, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others.

Yulia Sanina is also a successful solo artist, presenter, coach, and actress. She was a jury member and mentor of the seventh season of the X-Factor talent show on STB TV channel in 2016, as well as the thirteenth season of The Voice on 1+1 TV channel in 2020. She was a participant of the seventh season of the TV show “Dancing with the Stars” on 1+1 together with her partner, Dmytro Zhuk, and took second place.

She was a member of the jury of the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, where she and other experts evaluated 11 finalists who competed for the right to represent Ukraine at the international song contest.She was also one of the hosts of the event, along with Timur Miroshnychenko and Vasyl Baidak. She demonstrated her professionalism, humor and charisma while interacting with the participants, guests and the audience.She also performed several songs from her band The Hardkiss, including the hit “Make-Up”, which was nominated for the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2016.


Юлія Саніна посміхається

Yulia Sanina is one of the most successful and influential personalities in Ukrainian show business. She has many achievements that set her apart from other performers. Here are some of them:

  • She is a winner and nominee of many prestigious music awards, such as YUNA, M1 Music Awards, ZIK Music Awards, ZD Awards, M2 Music Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, and others.
  • She is the author of most of the songs of her band The Hardkiss, which have received millions of views and streams on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms. She also writes scripts and participates in the filming of music videos, which are characterized by high quality, originality and aesthetics.
  • She is an active participant in various television projects where she shows her talents as a presenter, trainer, judge, actress, and dancer. She also runs her own YouTube blog where she shares her thoughts, emotions, and experiences with her subscribers.
  • She is a socially responsible and charitable person who supports various initiatives aimed at protecting human rights, animals, the environment, culture and education. She is also a UN Envoy for Gender Equality and Women’s Rights.


Yulia Sanina is an extraordinary woman who has succeeded in many fields. She is an example of how you can realize your dreams by working hard, creatively and with dedication. She is the pride of Ukraine and an inspiration to many people. She is also a person with a big heart who cares about others and the world around her. I hope that this article was useful and interesting for you and you learned more about Yulia Sanina. Let us add some quotes by Yulia Sanina that reflect her views on life:

  • “Music is my language, my religion, my love.”
  • “Life is a journey, not a goal. You have to enjoy every moment because it is unique.”
  • “I believe in the power of dreams. If you really want something, it will come true.”
  • “I’m not afraid of change. I believe they are necessary for development and self-discovery.”
  • “I love my country and my culture. I want the whole world to know about Ukraine and its talented people.”