Богдан Буше

Bohdan Sheludiak

Bohdan Boucher, also known as Bohdan Sheludiak, is a Ukrainian actor, blogger, and TV presenter. He is known for his appearances in the TV series Kyiv by Day and Night and his active social media presence, including Instagram, where he has over 1.2 million followers.

Early years

Bohdan Sheludiak was born on May 2, 1992, in the small village of Seredyna-Buda, located in the Sumy region of Ukraine. His childhood was spent in a cozy, but limited rural environment, which often limited the opportunities for realizing his creative potential and ambitions.

From a young age, Bohdan showed a keen interest in the world of television and media, enjoying watching various TV programs and series. Dreaming of the big city and the stage, he actively participated in school performances and events.

After graduating from high school, Bohdan decided to continue his education in the media field. He entered one of the Ukrainian universities where he majored in television and communications. During his studies, he gained his first practical experience working at a regional television station. This was an important stage in his career, as it gave him the opportunity to immerse himself in the media world and see from the inside how TV programs and news are created.

After graduation, Bohdan moved to Kyiv, where he continued to work in television. He faced financial difficulties and felt the pressure of the big city, but his determination and focus helped him to cope with the challenges.

Starting a career

Богдан Буше

In Kyiv, Bohdan started working at a regional television station, where he gained his first professional skills and experience. Soon after, Bohdan’s luck changed and he got a chance to participate in the popular reality TV show Kyiv by Day and Night. This show became a real breakthrough in his career, as his participation in it brought him wide popularity and recognition.

“Kyiv by Day and Night not only brought Bohdan fame, but also gave him invaluable experience in front of the camera. He improved his acting skills, learned how to work with the audience and developed his stage presence. Participation in the show also opened doors for him to new projects and collaborations with other well-known media personalities.

After his success on the reality show, Bohdan began to actively develop his blog on social media. His Instagram account quickly gained popularity due to his charisma and unique content. He now has over 1.2 million followers, making him one of the most successful bloggers in Ukraine.

In addition to working on the Kyiv by Day and Night show and developing the blog, Bohdan has also been involved in other projects. He participated in various TV shows, acted in commercials, and worked on his own media projects. All this experience helped him become a well-rounded media personality.

Blogging and television


After his success in the reality show, Bogdan actively developed his Instagram blog under the pseudonym Bogdan Boucher. He focused on creating unique content, sharing moments from his life, posting photos and videos from his travels, meetings with friends, and various events. His account grew rapidly and now has over 1.2 million followers.

One of the important aspects of blogging for Bohdan was cooperation with brands and advertisers. His Instagram account has become a platform for promoting various products and services. The largest fee he received for one advertising post was $3,000.

Bohdan actively used his blog to support social initiatives and charity events. He has repeatedly held fundraisers for various causes, urging his followers to join charity and help those in need.


Along with developing his blog, Bohdan continued to work on television. In June 2023, it became known that he would become the new host of the popular TV show “Who’s on top?”, replacing the well-known Serhiy Prytula. Bogdan started working with Lesya Nikitiuk, a well-known TV presenter and blogger. Their collaboration proved to be very successful, and they quickly hit it off.

Богдан Буше з Лесею Нікітюк

While working on television, Bohdan continued to improve his professional skills. He learned to work with different program formats, studied broadcasting techniques, and worked on his voice and diction.

In addition to his work on Who’s On Top, Bohdan also participated in other television projects. He has appeared on various talk shows, interviews and entertainment programs to share his experience and opinions.

Personal life

Bohdan Sheludiak’s personal life has always aroused considerable interest among his fans. Known for his sincerity and openness, Bohdan has repeatedly shared details of his romantic relationships, which were often discussed in the press and on his social media pages.

Romantic relationships

Bohdan had several famous romantic relationships. He dated Victoria Maremukha, a contestant on the show “Supermodel in Ukrainian,” as well as Vika Rogalchuk and model Chara Khoriv. At the moment, Bohdan claims that his heart is free. He has repeatedly emphasized that he wants to have children and create a strong family.


One of the most important topics in Bohdan’s life was his fight against Guillain-Barré syndrome. This rare autoimmune disease affected his nervous system, causing weakness, paralysis and other serious symptoms. However, thanks to his persistent struggle and the support of his family, he was able to overcome the main manifestations of the disease.

Hair transplantation

Another important aspect of Bohdan’s personal life was his hair transplant. He openly talked about this experience on his Instagram. Bohdan began to notice hair loss at the age of 20 and underwent a hair transplant in a Turkish clinic. The operation lasted 5-6 hours and was successful.

Public activities

Bogdan is actively involved in public activities, using his popularity to support social initiatives and charity events. He has repeatedly organized fundraisers for various causes, calling on his followers to join in.

Bottom line.

Bohdan Sheludiak’s personal life is full of challenges and victories. He continues to develop as a person and a professional, remaining open and sincere with his audience. His life stories inspire many people, showing that even the most difficult difficulties can be overcome with self-belief and the support of loved ones.