Євгеній Черняк на обкладинці Форбс

Yevhen Cherniak

Good afternoon, dear readers! Today we are going to introduce you to the biography of Yevhen Cherniak, a well-known Ukrainian businessman, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Global Spirits Holding, host of the Big Money YouTube channel, and philanthropist. Yevhen Cherniak was born on April 12, 1969 in Zaporizhzhia, Ukrainian SSR, USSR. He is 180 cm tall. His main field of activity is the alcohol business, where he is the owner of such well-known brands as Khortytsia, Pervak, Morosha and others. He is also involved in charity, education, media, and investments. His most famous projects include the Big Money YouTube channel, a university for entrepreneurs, the Patriot Zaporizhzhia Foundation, and the book Business in Ukrainian. This article will tell you about his childhood, family, education, career, and achievements. We hope you find it interesting and inspiring.

Childhood and family

Yevhen Cherniak was born into the family of a metallurgical engineer, Oleksandr Borysovych Cherniak, and a pediatrician, Liudmyla Ivanivna Cherniak. He had two brothers, Oleksandr and Oleh. His father was a co-owner of the Zaporizhzhia Nonferrous Metal Plant on Khortytsia Island. Since childhood, Yevhen Cherniak showed interest in business and trade. He sold newspapers, magazines, candy and other goods at the market. He was also involved in sports, playing soccer and boxing. He graduated from high school #8 in Zaporizhzhia.

Yevhen Cherniak is married to Olga Pavlova, who was born in 1971.They have three sons: Oleksandr (born in 1992), Ivan (born in 2000) and Yevhen (born in 2006).


Євгеній Олександрович Черняк

After high school, Yevgeniy Chernyak entered Zaporizhzhya Technical University, Faculty of Machines and Technology of Smelting Production. He graduated in 1995 with honors. At the same time, he was running his own business, opening food and household chemicals stalls. In 1998, he became CEO of Megapolis, a trading house that distributed alcoholic beverages. In 2006, he received a second degree in finance from Zaporizhzhia National University. He has also taken courses and internships in various countries such as the United States, Israel, Switzerland, France and others.


Євгеній Олександрович Черняк з алкоголем в руках

Yevhen Cherniak’s career was connected with the alcohol business, where he achieved great success. In 2003, he built a distillery in Zaporizhzhia, where he began producing Khortytsia vodka.

This brand quickly became popular not only in Ukraine but also abroad. In 2004, he opened a representative office of Megapolis in Russia, where he also started selling Khortytsia. In 2007, he merged his assets in the alcohol industry into the Global Spirits holding, which included Megapolis Trading House, Khortytsia Distillery, Odesa Cognac Factory, Poltava Distillery and other enterprises. Global Spirits Holding has become the leader of the Ukrainian alcohol market and one of the largest alcohol producers in the world. It has also expanded its product range by launching such brands as Pervak, Morosha, Liodova, Kozatska Rada, Medoff, Knyazhyi Grad and others. In 2011, he acquired the Russian distillery Russkiy Sever, where he also began producing Khortytsia and other brands. In 2010, he opened a representative office of Megapolis in the United States, where he also promoted his products. In 2018, he became the host of the Big Money YouTube channel, where he shared his experience and business advice. He also launched a university for entrepreneurs, where he taught them various aspects of business. He has also been involved in charity, education, media, and investments.

Євгеній Олександрович Черняк

He was the president and co-founder of the Patriot Zaporizhzhia charitable foundation, which supported social, educational, cultural, and sports projects in his region. He also funded the construction of churches, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, stadiums, and other infrastructure. He was a patron and sponsor of many creative and talented people, including singers, artists, writers, athletes, and others. He also provided humanitarian aid to victims of the war in Donbas and Crimea, as well as to ATO participants and their families.


Yevheniy CherniakYevgeniy Chernyak was recognized as one of the most successful and influential businessmen in Ukraine. He was included in the rankings of “100 richest people in Ukraine” by Focus magazine, “Top 100 most influential Ukrainians” by Korrespondent magazine, “Top 100 most influential people in Zaporizhzhia” by Z-city website and others. He has received many awards and honors, including the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, the Order of St. Volodymyr, the Certificate of Honor of the President of Ukraine, the Gold Medal of the World Intellectuals Organization, and others. He is also the author of the book “Business in Ukrainian”, where he talked about his path to success, his mistakes, risks, secrets and advice for young entrepreneurs.



Євгеній Олександрович Черняк на конференці Бігмані

Yevhen Cherniak is a prominent, talented, courageous and influential personality who has made a significant contribution to the development of business, economy, culture and charity in Ukraine. He is an example of a successful entrepreneur who never forgot about his roots, his family, his homeland and his fellow countrymen. He was a philanthropist and patriot who supported and defended the Ukrainian cause. He is a leader and mentor who taught and inspired many people. He is a man who had a dream and made it come true. We are proud of his biography and hope you found it useful and educational. To conclude our article, we would like to share a few quotes from Yevhen Cherniak that reflect his outlook on life:

  • “Business is not only about money, but also about responsibility to society, to the people who work with you, to your family, to your country.”
  • “If you want to succeed, you have to be prepared to work hard, take risks, learn, experiment, make mistakes, but not give up.”
  • “I love Ukraine, I believe in it, I see great potential in it. I want my country to be strong, independent, democratic, prosperous and happy. And I’m doing everything in my power to help it achieve this.”

Thank you for staying with us. We are glad that you are interested in the biography of Yevgeniy Chernyak. If you would like to learn even more about him, we invite you to watch his YouTube channel Big Money, where he tells his business stories, analyzes markets, shares his advice, and answers questions from viewers. You can also read his book Business in Ukrainian, where he describes in more detail his path to success, his mistakes, risks, secrets, and advice for young entrepreneurs. You can also support his charitable projects that he implements through his foundation Patriot Zaporizhzhia. We hope you find these resources useful and educational. We also want to hear your opinion about Yevhen Cherniak. What do you think about his biography, his business, his achievements, his views? Please share your impressions and comments with us. We will be happy to talk to you. 😊