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Satya Das

Satya Das: A unique psychologist, lecturer and writer

Name: Satya Das (Sergey Anatolyevich Yakovlev)
Date of birth: May 16, 1972
Place of birth: Dnipro, Ukraine
Zodiac sign: Taurus

Biography of Satya Das

Satya Das, also known as Sergiy Yakovlev, was born in the city of Dnipro on May 16, 1972. He spent his childhood in a large family, where he learned responsibility skills and helped his parents raise his younger brothers. Despite the lack of a special psychological education, Satya has always felt drawn to the humanities and has studied ancient scriptures, history, and foreign languages on his own.

Education and career

After graduating from school No. 52 in Dnipro, Satya entered a technical school to study food technology. While serving in the army at Baikonur, he became interested in Krishnaism and became a vegetarian. After returning home, he continued his spiritual studies at a spiritual academy for three years, where he received a new name, Satya Das, which means “servant of absolute truth.”

Lectures and writing

Since 2005, Satya Das has been an active lecturer, conducting seminars on psychology and family relationships around the world. His lectures have been held not only in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, but also in many European countries such as Spain and Germany. Satya is also known for his culinary talent and organizes courses for women, where he shares the secrets of vegetarian nutrition.

Сатья Дас

His books and lectures focus on family happiness, including how to build long-term relationships, overcome difficulties in marriage, and raise children. Satya Das is the author of several books, including The Men’s Club, which provides advice not only to women but also to men on how to harmoniously perceive their significant other.

Personal life of Satya Das

Satya Das met his wife back in 1987 while studying at a technical school. After returning from the army, they began to build a relationship, and today his wife is his main support and inspiration. The couple is raising their son and follow a vegetarian lifestyle.

Сатья Дас

Satya Das on the Internet

Satya actively uses modern technologies to spread his knowledge. He runs a popular YouTube channel and an Instagram page where he posts videos of lectures, answers questions from subscribers, and promotes his books and online marathons.

Bottom line.

Satya Das is a charismatic and talented lecturer who helps people find harmony in family relationships. His unique approach to psychology and the philosophy of family happiness, as well as his sincerity and openness, make him one of the most popular experts in this field. Despite criticism, he continues to inspire and support thousands of people around the world.