Проспера Меріме

Prosper Mérimée

Welcome, dear readers! Today we are going to dive into the life and work of Prosper Mérimée, a prominent French writer born on September 28, 1803, in Paris. Prosper Mérimée died on September 23, 1870. He is known for his short story “Carmen”, which became the basis for Georges Bizet’s opera.

Childhood and family

Prosper Mérimée was the son of an artist, a student of J. L. David, whose style influenced the formation of the future writer’s artistic taste. Throughout his life, Mérimée never married.


Mérimée was educated at the prestigious Lycée Henry IV. He also studied law, but this field did not interest him.


Prosper Mérimée began his literary career at the age of 20. He was an active participant in the political life of France and took part in the July Revolution of 1830. After the revolution, Mérimée received important government positions. He was also a famous archaeologist and ethnographer.


Prosper Mérimée was elected a member of the French Academy in 1844. His most famous work is the short story Carmen, which became the basis for Georges Bizet’s opera.


Prosper Mérimée is an outstanding personality who has made a great contribution to world literature. His works continue to inspire people around the world. We hope that this article helped you to better understand his life and achievements. Thank you for reading!