Садовий Андрій Іванович

Andriy Sadovyi

Andriy Sadovyi is a well-known figure in Ukrainian politics and public life. Born and raised in Lviv, he has been widely recognized as a successful mayor of one of the country’s most important cities. Throughout his political career, Sadovyi has always defended the interests of the local community, introduced innovative ideas in city management, and sought to improve the living standards of Lviv residents. His role as the founder and leader of the Samopomich party is also noteworthy, as this political force has become an important part of the Ukrainian parliament and public discourse.
Sadovyi not only gained a reputation as a competent leader and reformer, but also proved to be a strong advocate for democracy during significant political changes in the country, including the Orange Revolution and Euromaidan. His personal and professional efforts have contributed to the development of Lviv as a cultural and tourist center of Ukraine, and highlighted the importance of local government in the context of national reforms.

Early life and education

Birth and childhood
Andriy Sadovyi was born on August 19, 1968, in Lviv, where he spent his childhood and early years. His family brought him up in an atmosphere of hard work, responsibility and patriotism, which formed the basis of his future activities.
Andriy Sadovyi received his first education at the Lviv Radio Electronics College, where he graduated in 1987. After that, he continued his studies at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute, where he obtained a degree in electronics engineering in 1995.
Later, in 1997, Mr. Sadovyi decided to expand his knowledge of finance and credit and earned a degree in Finance and Credit. In 1999, he completed his education with a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine. This education became the basis for his future achievements in the field of public and political activity.

Starting a career

The first jobs

Andriy Sadovyi’s career began when he worked at the Lvivprylad plant as a radio equipment adjuster. It was his first job after completing his military service.
Later, he became deputy director of the Lviv branch of the Youth Social Adaptation Fund, where he gained important experience in social work and administration.
Entering the media business
In 1993, Andriy Sadovyi took a step into the media sphere by founding the Lux radio station, which became an important factor in the development of media in the region.
Later, in 1995, he worked at Galician Investments, where he was involved in investment activities and financial analysis.
Management of Pivdenzakhidelektromerezhbud LLC
From 1997 to 2005, Sadovyi chaired the board of Pivdenzakhidelektromerezhbud LLC, where he successfully managed the company and implemented strategic projects in the electricity sector.

Political activity

Early years in politics
Sadovyi began his political career in 1998 when he was elected to the Lviv City Council. For four years, he was active in the local parliament, proposing and supporting initiatives aimed at the social and economic development of Lviv.
In 2005, Andriy Sadovyi founded the Samopomich political party, which quickly became an influential player in the Ukrainian political arena.
Mayor of Lviv
Thanks to the broad support of the local population, in 2006 Andriy Sadovyi won the mayoral election in Lviv. During his first term in office, the city experienced a period of intensive development and modernization.
Sadovyi was re-elected mayor of Lviv in 2010, 2015, and 2020, which demonstrates the high level of appreciation for his work and support from the community.
Initiative to restore the Magdeburg Law
In 2008, Andriy Sadovyi launched an initiative to restore Magdeburg Law to Lviv, which provided for the expansion of local government powers and increased autonomy of the city in resolving internal issues.

The garbage crisis of 2016

Description of the situation:
In 2016, a scandal erupted in Ukraine over a garbage crisis that had serious consequences for the city of Lviv and the entire country. The problem arose as a result of the closure of the landfill in Hrybovychi, which led to a pile-up of garbage and a lack of places to dispose of it.
While trying to extinguish the fire at the landfill, a tragedy occurred, killing three firefighters and one utility worker, further deepening the crisis and causing public outrage.
Citizens’ protests in the cities to which Lviv’s garbage was delivered were a response to the unauthorized dumping and the government’s failed approach to solving the problem.
Reaction and consequences:
Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, accused of blocking landfills, was criticized by Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, who drew attention to the lack of new landfills built during Sadovyi’s 11 years in charge.
However, the crisis ended with the signing of a memorandum between the regional administration and the government, which provided for the allocation of land and budget funds to create a new landfill aimed at solving the problem of garbage in the city and its surroundings.

Victim of attacks and Russian propaganda

Attacks on Sadovyi:

  • In 2013, 2014, and 2015, Andriy Sadovyi was shelled and attacked, which threatened his life and safety.

The use of Sadovyi’s photo by Russian propaganda:

  • In 2013, Russian propaganda used photos of Sadovyi’s family for its manipulative purposes.

Scandals and criticism

Failure to solve problems with garbage:

  • The criticism is aimed at the unresolved problem of the garbage crisis and the lack of effective measures to address it.

Accusations of supporting Russification:

  • There are accusations of promoting the process of Russification, which causes outrage among citizens.

Conflicts with business (Lviv Bus Plant):

  • Andriy Sadovyi found himself in conflict with business, in particular with the Lviv Bus Plant, which caused outrage and criticism.

Accusations of populism, nepotism and kleptocracy:

  • There are accusations of populism, nepotism, and kleptocracy regarding Sadovyi’s political actions, which raises doubts and criticism in the public environment.

Samopomich and political achievements

Transformation of Samopomich into a party (2012):

  • Expansion of the activities of the Samopomich public and political association to the status of a party, which strengthened its influence in the political life of the country.

His role during Euromaidan:

  • Active participation in Euromaidan events, advocacy for democracy and European values.

Participation in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada (2014, 2019):

  • He was elected to parliament as a representative of the Samopomich party after the 2014 and 2019 elections.

Resignation from the post of deputy prime minister in the Yatsenyuk government:

  • Refusal to participate in Yatsenyuk’s government after winning a seat in parliament, which was an important step in supporting party values.

Self-dissolution of the Kyiv branch of the party (2018):

  • The decision to self-dissolve the Kyiv branch of Samopomich in 2018, which caused a debate in the political environment.

Personal life


  • He has been married to Kateryna Kit-Sadova since 2001, and they have five sons. The mayor also has a sister, Iryna.

Income declaration (2022):

  • Information on Andriy Sadovyi’s income and financial position for 2022.

Bottom line.

Andriy Sadovyi is an important figure in the political and public life of Ukraine. His career began with a job at a factory and progressed to high positions in local government and parliament. As the mayor of Lviv, he proved to be an effective leader and an active participant in reforms.
Mayor Sadovyi has gained popularity for his initiatives, including reforms in the city and the restoration of Magdeburg Law. His participation in the Euromaidan demonstrated his support for democracy and European values.
However, his career has been marred by scandals and criticism, including problems with garbage collection and accusations of populism. Despite this, his influence in politics remains significant, especially in Lviv and at the national level.

Future prospects

Despite the challenges, Sadovyi continues to be a key figure in Ukrainian politics. His Samopomich party remains an important player in the political arena, and his own role in the party leadership may be crucial to the future political landscape of the country. He is well-positioned to continue his career as an influential politician and reformer, contributing to the further development of Lviv and Ukraine as a whole.