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Mykola Zyryanov

Mykola Zyryanov: Biography

Mykola Zyryanov is a comedian, scriptwriter and popular blogger. Thanks to his unique jokes and charisma, he has gained popularity among viewers both in Ukraine and abroad.

Biography and career

Mykola Zyryanov was born on May 1, 1995, in the city of Dnipro. From an early age, he was distinguished by his sense of humor, which led him to participate in various comedy projects. His first big success came thanks to the TV show “Make a Comedian Laugh,” where his ability to make people laugh was appreciated not only by the jury but also by the audience.

The next step in his career was to participate in the League of Laughter as a member of the Captain Centaur team. Zyryanov’s team beat all the competitors from Dnipro and entered the top ranking. Their performance was broadcast on television and received high marks.

Today, Mykola continues his career by actively blogging on social media and performing live. As he himself notes, stand-up is a great way for his jokes to become famous. Thanks to his talent and charisma, his humorous monologues quickly resonate with the audience.
Микола Зирянов

Lifestyle and hobbies

Born under the constellation of Taurus, Mykola is characterized by a balanced and strong personality. At the same time, he is emotional and uninhibited on stage and while recording his streams. Zyryanov is determined, persistent, witty, and inventive, which makes him a real magnet for the audience.

Nikolai has several hobbies that play an important role in his life:

  • Football: He is an ardent fan of the Ukrainian team Dnipro and the Spanish club Real Madrid. His idol is Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Dogs: Mykola has a black French bulldog whom he loves very much.
  • Social media: Mykola actively uses Instagram and YouTube to communicate with his fans, where he has more than 100 thousand followers.
  • Healthy lifestyle: He has no bad habits and always tries to relax actively.

Mykola’s friends describe him as the life of the party, a person who always wins the favor of others.


Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Mykola Zyryanov has proved himself to be a true patriot. Together with like-minded people, he organized the Lions in a Jeep show channel, which creates independent humorous content with topical discussions and interesting guests.
Андрій Лузан

In addition, Mykola founded a charitable foundation aimed at helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He also actively criticizes and resents the actions of those who support the war. For example, Zyryanov called on Americans to boycott concerts by Nurlan Saburov, who supports Russian aggression.

Nikolai Zyryanov is a comedian who knows how to create an atmosphere of positive and uncontrollable laughter. He is known and loved not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Nikolai plans to do many important things, which he will undoubtedly be able to do.

Career as an actor

Mykola also starred in several TV series, such as Papik 2 (2021) and Once Upon a Time in Poltava (2014), where he played supporting roles.

Bottom line.

Nikolai Zyryanov is not only a talented comedian, but also an active citizen who inspires many people through his work and social activities. His story is an example of how talent, perseverance and civic engagement can help you succeed and make a significant contribution to society.