Алекс Луцький

Alex Lutsky

Alex Lutsky: Biography

Alex Lutsky is a co-founder and CEO of Innovecs, recognized as a leader in the digital industry and an influential entrepreneur. His life path is marked by a constant pursuit of development and innovation, making him one of the most influential IT entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

Biography and education

Alex Lutsky was born on April 15, 1973 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He graduated from V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University with a master’s degree in computer technology. In 1994, at the age of 21, he emigrated to the United States with his family to Elmwood Park, New Jersey. In America, Alex had to learn English quickly because he studied German at school.

At first, Lutsky studied at a local college, but realized that his own knowledge was enough to work in the IT field. In 1996, he validated his degree and started working at a small startup in Manhattan.

Career and business

Alex’s first job in America was sorting pens for $5 an hour in a five-person company. After the validation of his diploma, he got a job at a small startup in Manhattan, where he worked with the Visual Basic programming language. This job was the beginning of his career in IT in the United States.

Subsequently, Alex moved to the headquarters of the American supermarket chain A&P, where he worked as a senior software developer and left as a project manager. For two years, Lutsky was engaged in IT consulting, working for Ipsos Loyalty North America. In 2010, he headed the GlobalLogic Ukraine development center in Kyiv, which prompted him to return to Ukraine.


In 2012, after 18 years of living and working in America, Alex Lutsky founded Innovecs, a software development company. Starting with three people, the company grew to 150 employees in a year, and today Innovecs operates on the global market. The company has nine offices around the world, over 850 employees, and more than a hundred clients. Innovecs develops software for various industries, including logistics, media, finance, healthcare, gaming, and e-commerce.
Алекс Луцький

Innovecs also offers services in big data, blockchain, business intelligence, cloud solutions, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. As part of Innovecs, Alex launched the educational initiative InnoCamp and InnoHub, a multimedia platform for educational events in business and technology.

Recognition and awards

In 2016, Alex Lutsky received the Person of the Year award in the Digital Industry Leader category. Since 2020, he has been a member of the Forbes Business Council, an organization for successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. In 2021, Lutsky was included in the Top 55 IT Entrepreneurs rating by MC.today.

Personal life.

Alex Lutsky is married. His wife, Lilia Lutska, is involved in their daughter’s music career and participated in the family reality show Supermom on STB TV. They have two children: daughter Sonya Esther, who is a singer, actress and dancer, and son Eli-Michael. Alex also has a brother, Volodymyr Lutsky.
Алекс Луцький

Hobbies and interests

Alex claims that business is his main hobby, which brings him satisfaction from the profits, new acquaintances and the process of developing new projects. However, he also enjoys riding his motorcycle, which helps him to take his mind off work and enjoy the speed and new experiences.


Alex Lutsky is an example of a person who managed to go from immigrant to successful entrepreneur. His dedication, hard work and talent for leadership helped him build a successful company that holds a leading position in the global IT market. Thanks to his efforts, he inspires many entrepreneurs and business leaders to reach new heights.