Цимбалюк Тарас

Taras Tsymbaliuk

Hello, dear readers! Today’s article is devoted to the life and career of the outstanding Ukrainian actor Taras Tsymbalyuk. He was born on December 16, 1989 in the city of Korsun-Shevchenkivskyi, Cherkasy region. His height is 193 cm. Tsymbalyuk is known for his work in theater, film, and television. Among his most famous projects are the series Black Raven, To Catch Kaidash, and Dr. Baby Dust. A New Life”. I invite you to learn more about this remarkable personality.

His last project was the series “Dr. Baby Dust. A New Life, where he played the role of military medic Andriy Balyuk. This character spent a long time at the front and did not even hope to return to civilian life. In the past, he was also Gonchar’s best friend, and now fate has brought them together again – they now work in the same hospital.


Taras Tsymbaliuk was born into a family of teachers. His father, Vasyl Vasylovych Tsymbaliuk, is a well-known Ukrainian literary critic and historian. His mother, Tetyana Tsymbaliuk, is a philologist and teacher of French.


In 2013, Tsymbaliuk graduated from the Ivan Karpenko-Kary National University of Theater, Cinema and Television in Kyiv with a degree in drama and film acting.


Tsymbalyuk began his career in 2011, playing a minor role in the mystical series The Dark Diaries. Since 2013, he has been an actor at the Kyiv Academic Theater Workshop Suzirya. He also played the lead role in the movie Black Raven in 2018-2019. In 2019, he played Karp Kaidash in Natalia Vorozhbyt’s TV series “Catching Kaidash” and “Dr. Baby Dust. A New Life”.


Taras received the award for Best Actor in the play Trouble from a Tender Heart at the International Theater Festival. He is also known for his roles in the TV series Black Raven and Catching Kaidash.

Personal life

Taras Tsymbaliuk has been married twice. The actor’s first marriage took place during his student years. His chosen one was a classmate. However, Taras did not live with his first wife for long – only a few months. Taras’s second wife was a stylist Tina Antonenko. Taras proposed to his beloved on the air of the show “Dancing with the Stars”. The couple got married in 2021, but decided to divorce in early 2022. Currently, Taras is in a relationship with former “Bachelor” contestant, restaurateur and blogger Svitlana Gotochkina.Taras Tsymbaliuk with Svitlana Gotochkina


Year Title. Role.
2017 Serfdom Nazar
2018 Black raven Ivan
2019 Zakhar Berkut Mykola
2019 Catching Kaidash Karpo Kaidash
2020 Devoted Peter
2020 The Bachelor Maxim
2021 Neighbor Maxim
2021 The last chance Andriy
2022 Papik 2 Bohdan
2022 I work at the cemetery Dmitry
2023 Women’s doctor: A new life Andriy Balyuk

Interesting facts

  • The entire Tsymbalyuk family are big fans of The Serf, especially the actor’s niece Alisa.
  • Tsymbaliuk got his first tattoo at university, a quote by Omar Khayyam.
  • Taras has over 45 tattoos on his body. Most of them he got just because he liked them, but there are two with a meaning – his late grandmother’s phone number and his father’s signature.
  • In 2020, Taras starred in the video “Mig” by the Russian band Leningrad. Now the actor admits that he regrets the decision and has no plans to appear in videos by Russian artists anymore.
  • One day Taras Tsymbaliuk came to the Kyivska Rus cinema for an audition and only there realized that the casting was for an erotic film.
  • In early 2023, Tsymbaliuk admitted that he had received a summons and passed a medical examination, but he did not plan to join the Armed Forces, as he believed that he would be more useful as a media personality.