Дар'я Петрожицька

Daria Petrozhitska

Name: Daria Petrozhitska Middle name: Sergeyevna

Who is she: actress

Birthday: May 31, 1991 (32 years old)

Place of birth: Kyiv

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 53 kg

Marital status: single


Darya Petrozhytska is an actress who is called the discovery and hope of Ukrainian cinema, who is remembered by viewers for the TV series Papik. By modern standards, Daria Petrozhytska came to success rather late – she played her first major role at the age of 28 – but, as the actress herself says, the wait was worth it.


Darya Petrozhytska was born on May 31, 1991, in Kyiv to Serhiy and Olena Honchar. Daria grew up with her younger sister Anastasia. The actress always talks about her family with love.

Daria says that they lived very modestly, her parents didn’t earn much, but they tried to give their daughters the best and taught them to enjoy the small pleasures of life. When Darya was in junior high school, her father bought a music center, and music burst into the future actress’ life, which became her love for life.Daria Petrozhytska and sister

After graduating from high school in 2008, Daria entered the Kyiv National University of Theater. The aspiring actress received her diploma from the renowned institution in 2012, and her mentor during her studies was Oleg Shavarsky, People’s Artist of Ukraine.


After graduating from the university, Daria joined the oldest and undoubtedly the most important theater in Kyiv for children and teenagers, the Lipki Theater for Young Spectators, which was founded in the twenties of the last century.

In the famous theater, the young actress took part in such productions as “Good Horton”, “The Cherry Orchard”, “The Little Red Riding Hood” and many others, and although she did not play the main roles, she was remembered by the audience and colleagues as a bright and original actress.Daria Petrozhytska


Daria got her first film role in 2013, playing a young doctor Tokareva in the Ukrainian melodrama series Dr. Baby Dust 2, which also starred Mikhail Khimichev, Anatoly Kotenev and Olesya Vlasova. Daria was able to win the attention of her compatriots not only because of her seductive appearance, but also because of her talent, which allowed her to convey all the nuances of the mental torment of her frivolous character, who could not make a choice between two colleagues.
From 2014 to 2016, Petrozhytska did not receive any movie invitations, and focused on developing her theater career. At the end of 2016, Ukrainian viewers were able to see the young actress in an episode of the television detective crime drama Citizen Nobody, based on the work of Anton and Yevhenia Granovsky, titled Leaving the Kingdom of the Dead. The main roles in the TV series were played by Ivan Ohanesyan, Andrey Barylo, Mikhail Efremov and Anton Makarsky. Also in 2016, Daria appeared in a cameo role in the dramatic mini-television series “Black Flower”, which starred Viktor Saraykin and Ivanna Sakhno.

Daria Petrozhytska youthIn 2017, in the third part of the TV saga “Dr. Baby Dust”, Daria was left with the role of a cytogenetics specialist Vera Krylova, a very bitchy girl. In the same year, she played the role of a waitress in the melodramatic film Cafe on Sadovaya directed by Kristina Sivolap. In this film, Daria collaborated with Anton Semkin, Lesya Samayeva, and Marina Kuklina, but looked on par with more experienced and famous actors.

Daria PetrozhytskaAfter a cameo role in the military TV series Convoy, in 2018 Daria got a more prominent role in the fourth part of the series Dog, which is loved by many Ukrainians. In one of the episodes of the comedy project, which featured Nikita Panfilov as Maximov and Mikhail Zhonin as the funny Captain Gnezdilov, Daria played the role of Karina, the daughter of the famous actor Mikhail Kryshtal.

Дар'я Петрожицька студентка

Also in 2018, viewers were able to see Daria play small but unforgettable roles in the series television projects The Last Battle, I’ll Give You the Dawn, and The Man Without a Heart.

In 2019, Daria starred in several projects, including the melodramatic mini-series City of Lovers, The Voice of an Angel, and Mirage, but the main film of her career during this period was the series Papik by the 95th Quarter studio, which, before his ascension to the presidency of Ukraine, was headed by Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Daria Petrozhytska in the series PAPIK by Stas BoklanIn the comedy project directed by Andrey Yakovlev, who created several seasons of the TV series “Matchmakers”, Daria’s partner is Stanislav Boklan , who plays an elderly, once successful actor.

Having reached a critical point, Stanislav Boklan’s character realizes that he has nothing left to live for, he has no family, no friends, and no one offers him new roles. Having decided to end his joyless existence, Boklan’s character gets into a cycle of events that will change both his life and the life of a young beautiful Lisa, a hunter for rich men, whose role was played by Daria Petrozhytska.
Daria Petrozhytska and Stas BoklanDaria speaks about her character with understanding, she does not condemn girls who do not mind taking advantage of the naivety of rich men, but she herself, the actress notes, would never have chosen this path. Petrozhytska had to learn the signature techniques of oligarch hunters from shows on entertainment YouTube channels and social media, and as a result, she was able to copy some of the predators’ movements and learn how to pout her lips in a call-and-response manner.


As Daria admits, she has had both happy periods in her personal life and those she doesn’t really want to remember. Daria calls her first marriage her most rash act. She lived with her husband for five years and divorced him without feeling any regrets.

On the set of the comedy project Papik, the actress met a young man whose name she prefers not to mention. It is known that he is related to cinema, but his identity is hidden behind the scenes.

Daria PetrozhytskaDaria has several tattoos on her body, the first of which, the letters SEA, she got as a sign of love not for the sea, but for her dearest people, her mother, father and sister, by making a tattoo of the first letters of their names. Music, which Dasha became interested in as a child, is an important part of her life: Daryna is the vocalist of the band Dychka, which also includes Mytia Buhaichuk and three other girls, the three Darias. The band performs in Kyiv fashion clubs, participates in street festivals, and is well known to fans of quality and stylish music.

The Papik series received a warm reception from the audience, so it was renewed for a second season. Filming began in July 2020. Petrozhytska was also involved in the Ukrainian project Dancing with the Stars together with dancer Igor Gelunenko. However, in August, Daria had to take a break from filming because she fell ill with the coronavirus.