Дмитро Варварук

Dima Varvaruk

Hello, dear readers! Today I would like to tell you about the biography of Dima Varvaruk, a famous Ukrainian blogger and songwriter. Dima Varvaruk was born on April 5, 1998, in the village of Topilske, Ivano-Frankivsk region. He is 178 cm tall. He is the co-founder of the Ukrainian-language blogging project “Silrada” on YouTube, where he creates humorous and social videos. His most famous projects include parodies of DZIDZIO songs, Valentynka, Eudokia, and others. Dima Varvaruk has also starred in the films Gang Gang, Where’s the Money, and The Magic Jug. If you want to know more about his life, education, career and achievements, then stay with me. This article will be interesting and useful for different age groups in Ukraine.Dmytro Varvaruk on the set of the VALENTINE video

Childhood and family

Dima Varvaruk was born to Oksana and Ihor Varvaruk. He has four siblings. His grandmother Oksana became famous thanks to his Instagram account, where he posted photos and videos of her under the nickname “Instababby”. Dima Varvaruk has loved music and humor since childhood. He learned to play the guitar and write his own songs. He also took part in various competitions and festivals where he performed his works.Dmytro Varvaruk with Yana Varvaruk and son Mark

Dima Varvaruk is married to Yana Varvaruk, who is also a blogger and co-author of his videos.They met in 2017 at the Fine City festival in Ternopil, where they both performed.They got married on April 5, 2020, Dima’s birthday.They have a son, Mark, who was born on January 25, 2023. Dima Varvaruk showed his wife’s childbirth and his son’s face on his Instagram account, where he wrote: “Today at 18.55 our son Mark was born. He weighs 3.5 kg and is 52 cm tall. We are very happy and grateful to God for this gift. We thank everyone who supported us and prayed for us. We love you.” Dima Varvaruk often shares photos and videos of his wife and son on social media, showing his family life and sincere emotions.

He also says that his wife and son are his biggest inspiration and support.


Dima Varvaruk graduated from high school in the village of Topilske and then entered the Stepan Granat College in Ivano-Frankivsk, majoring in computer engineering. After college, he continued his education at the Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas in the same field.In 2020 and 2021, he graduated from King Danylo University, where he received master’s degrees in journalism and computer engineering. Dima Varvaruk has also taken various courses and internships related to blogging, marketing, SEO, and copywriting.


Дмитро Варварук

Dima Varvaruk started his blogging career in 2014 when he created his YouTube channel. In the beginning, he posted various videos related to his life and friends. He then focused on humorous and social topics, creating parodies, sketches, pranks, and other formats. He also collaborated with other bloggers such as DZIDZIO, Yulia Verbynets, Oleksiy Tritenko and others. He co-founded the Ukrainian-language blogging project “Silrada”, where he and his friends create videos about rural life, traditions, mentality, and problems. Dima Varvaruk is also a songwriter, performing alone or with other artists. His most popular songs include “Valentynka”, “Yevdokiya”, “Baba-Baba”, “Kalush” and others. Dima Varvaruk has also starred in several films, such as “Banda Banda”, “Where are the Money” and “Magic Jug”. He played various roles, from a policeman to a village boy. Dima Varvaruk is one of the most famous and successful Ukrainian bloggers. He has over 200 thousand subscribers on YouTube and over 300 thousand followers on Instagram. He received the YouTube Silver Button in 2019.He is also the record holder of the National Register of Records of Ukraine for the most massive online university lecture broadcast on YouTube. He has a great impact on his audience, which he entertains, educates, and encourages.


Dima Varvaruk is one of the most prominent representatives of Ukrainian Instagram blogging. He has achieved many successes in his field, such as:

  • Creating unique and original content that reflects Ukrainian culture, language, humor and reality.
  • Collaboration with famous Ukrainian artists.

Varvaruk not only creates his own songs, but also collaborates with various well-known Ukrainian artists, such as:

  • DZIDZIO: Dmytro is a member of his fan club and participated in his video parody contest. He also starred in his films “Gang Gang” and “Where are the Money”, as well as in his music videos “Gang Gang”, “Valentinka” and “Kalush”.
  • Yulia Verbynets: Dima collaborated with her in creating a parody of the song “Valentynka”, which became a hit on YouTube. The two also starred together in the movie The Magic Jug, where they played the lead roles of village boys.
  • Alexey Tritenko: Dima played the role of policemen with him in the movie “Where’s the Money”. They were also stage partners in the play “Vacation Abroad”.
  • Kalush: Dima supported his victory at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, went to his concert and released a parody of his song “Kalush”. He also starred in his video “Kalush”.

These are just a few examples of Dima Varvaruk’s collaborations with famous Ukrainian artists. He is always open to new projects, ideas, and experiments. He is not afraid to make fun of himself, his friends, and society. He shows that Ukrainian language, culture, and humor can be interesting, modern, and popular. He is an example of a successful, talented, and creative blogger who deserves attention and respect.