Аліна Шаманська оголила груди

Alina Shamanskaya

Alina Shamanskaya: Biography and interesting facts from the life of the popular blogger Shamankaa

Alina Shamanska, formerly known as Alina Khanumak, is one of the most famous Ukrainian bloggers with over 1.3 million followers on Instagram under the handle @shamankaa. Her life is full of interesting events and changes that have made her famous and loved by many.

Basic information

  • Date of birth: March 3, 1988
  • Age: 36 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Place of birth: Nemyriv, Vinnytsia district, Vinnytsia region, Ukraine
  • Education: Master’s degree in oil and gas chemistry, National Aviation University of Ukraine
  • Has two older brothers


Early years

Alina started her career in journalism in 2009. She worked for 1+1 TV channel and later became the host of the Be in Touch program on Tonis TV channel. But the road to success was not easy. As a child, she was a shy person, shutting herself off from everyone in the room, dreaming of working on television and striving to prove to herself and others that she could achieve great things.

Life in America

Before starting her career in journalism, Alina lived in America, where she worked as a lifeguard. This experience helped her build a strong character and acquire new skills that came in handy later in life.

Returning to the United States

In 2022, Alina returned to the United States again due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine. She was looking for a safe place for herself and her son Arthur. She is currently trying to build her life abroad.

Personal life

Marriage to Ruslan Khanumak

In 2017, Alina married actor Ruslan Khanumak, with whom she had a son, Arthur. However, in 2023, the couple divorced. The reason for the divorce was that Ruslan spent Christmas with another woman, although he claimed that they had not lived together for a year at that time.

Аліна Шаманська з Русланом Ханумаком


During her pregnancy, Alina “Shamanka” received a marriage proposal only two weeks before she gave birth, which caused many emotional moments for her. She described this period as one of the most difficult in her life.

Appearance and health

Plastic surgery

Alina Shamanskaya underwent rhinoplasty, which has significantly changed her appearance from her youth to the present day. She also admitted that she used to go on strict diets in her youth, which she now regrets. Today, she has a slim and fit body that motivates many fans to go in for sports.

Аліна Шаманська до та після ринопластики


Alina does not disclose her income, but before the war she spent 5-6 thousand dollars a month. Now she saves and tries not to exceed the limit of 100 thousand hryvnias.

Life motto

She has her own motto: “now or never”, which reflects her approach to life and career.

Difficult moments

The blogger admitted that during her pregnancy she cried constantly and felt insecure. However, these difficulties made her stronger and helped her become the person she is today.

Public speaking and podcasts

Alina actively hosts her podcast, Razlyuchena, where she discusses various aspects of life and interviews famous personalities in Ukrainian show business.

Аліна Шаманська

Bottom line.

Alina Shamanska is an example of a strong and successful woman who is not afraid of difficulties and confidently pursues her goals. Her story inspires many people and shows that even in the most difficult times, you can find the strength to achieve new achievements and success.