Марта Липчей

Marta Lipchey

Welcome to the biography of Marta Lipchey, a prominent Ukrainian singer who has won the hearts of millions with her unsurpassed vocals and deep lyrics. Born in 1992 in Rivne, Marta is 32 years old today. The singer showed her talent as a child, dreaming of a big stage and a path to success. Her music career developed rapidly, making her famous not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Childhood and family:

Marta was born into an ordinary family in Rivne, where her father worked as a doctor and her mother Liudmyla was a teacher. Her family moved to Zakarpattia, where the singer spent her childhood and adolescence among mountains, rivers, and the diversity of nature.

Марта Липчей разом зі своєю мамою
Marta Lypchei with her mother Liudmyla “Photo: from Marta’s Facebook account”


Unfortunately, nothing is known about Marta’s education. However, there is information that she studied to become a specialist in music, which allowed her to develop her talent and vocal skills.


An important moment in her career was her participation in the 12th season of The Voice, where she became a finalist, demonstrating her talent and strong stage presence. Thanks to her debut mini-movie “Where You Are”, which became a viral hit, Marta gained great popularity.

Marta Lipchey is not only a talented musician but also an active philanthropist. She initiated the “Unconquered” charity tour aimed at raising funds for the treatment, rehabilitation and prosthetics of wounded soldiers.

Collaboration with Zhadan and the Dogs

Marta Lypchei collaborates with the band Zhadan and the Dogs. Together they have presented several musical works. One of them is the song “Speak”, for which a video clip was created. According to the artists, they were inspired to write this track by strong and courageous people who are not afraid to love and sing. This confirms her versatility as an artist and her ability to collaborate with different musicians. The singer continues to develop her career and give her fans new music.”Marta Lipchey and Zhadan and the Dogs


Marta Lipchei is a shining example of how talent, hard work and love for your country can change the world around you. Her music and charity work have made her a true leader who inspires others to do good deeds and achieve in the music industry. Thus, Marta Lipchey leaves an indescribable impact on society and becomes a role model for younger generations.