Лунін Андрій Олексійович

Andriy Oleksiyovych Lunin

Andriy Oleksiyovych Lunin, born on February 11, 1999 in Krasnohrad, Kharkiv region, Ukraine, is one of the most promising Ukrainian football players of our time. He is 191 cm (1.9 m) tall. A goalkeeper for the Spanish club Real Madrid and the national team of Ukraine, he has already established himself as one of the best in his role, and vice versa.

Childhood and first steps in football

Lunin started his career in football at the Krasnohrad Children’s and Youth Sports School under the guidance of coach Ivan Manko (2005-2010). At the same time, since 2007, he has played for Kharkiv’s Arsenal, where he started as a striker. In 2010, Andrii joined the academy of Kharkiv Metalist, where his goalkeeping skills were improved by Serhii Volvakov.

Лунін Андрій Олексійович

Andriy Lunin’s professional career

In the spring of 2015, Lunin joined Dnipro, where he was coached by Vyacheslav Kernozenko. During 2012-2016, he played 69 matches in the DUFL championship, demonstrating a high level of play.

Lunin began his professional career at Metalist Kharkiv, later moving to Dnipro. His talent did not go unnoticed, and he soon became a player of Real Madrid. Lunin’s U-20 national team, which won the 2019 FIFA Youth World Cup, brought him international recognition and the title of the tournament’s best goalkeeper according to FIFA.

Лунін Андрій Олексійович


Andriy Lunin won numerous trophies with Real Madrid:

  • Spanish Super Cup (2022, 2024)
  • Spanish Championship (2022)
  • Spanish Cup (2023)
  • Champions League (2022)
  • UEFA Super Cup (2022)
  • Club World Cup (2022)

He was also included in the Forbes “50 Most Important People in Ukrainian Football” rating in 2021 and received the title of Master of Sports of Ukraine of International Class (2019).


In addition to his football achievements, Andriy Lunin continues his education. In 2024, he received a master’s degree in international relations, public communications and regional studies from IAPM.

Challenges and overcoming difficulties

Lunin’s career has not always been cloudless. At the Euro 2024 match against Romania, his performance was rated 3.8 points by the WhoScored statistical portal, which was the lowest score since Euro 2012. Nevertheless, Lunin continues to work on himself, showing perseverance and a desire to reach new heights.

Лунін Андрій Олексійович

Bottom line.

Andriy Lunin is not only an outstanding athlete, but also a role model. His story is a testament to how talent, hard work and support can lead to global recognition. We are confident that his best years are still ahead of him and he will continue to inspire millions of fans with his game.